Wednesday, May 12, 2010

joining the blogging world :)

I figure now that we are married, I can officially join the blogging club!

Kyle and I are staying busy busy busy with school. He is almost always swamped with History reading and I am always swamped with anatomy studying. We both find our subjects "the best" and more interesting than the other does. Our conversations while doing homework consist of each of us sharing some "really cool fact" that we find fascinating and the other finds ridiculously not worth our time remembering. I told Kyle last night that its a good thing we both like different subjects because he can take care of bringing all the history knowledge with us into the next life and I can take all of the human anatomy knowledge! :) We make a good team!

Only two more weeks until Kyle's brother comes home from his mission and we are skipping a few days of school to fly back to colorado! Kyle is so excited to see his brother and I am so excited to see my family! :) We just have to get trhough two more weeks of school...bleh!

We like married life! :)