Thursday, January 3, 2013

Learning New Tricks

Check out how big this handsome dude is getting!!

Height: Kyler stayed pretty consistent in the 56% for his height.
Weight: He dropped from the 35% all the way down to the 10% in his weight, but he had a stomach bug the week of his appointment so the doctor didn't seem too concerned.

I can't believe we've survived four months already! He has become so much fun the last month. He has learned all sorts of fun, new tricks.

He has found his voice, which I think is adorable!

He also loves to roll over. He usually only rolls from his back to his tummy, but occasionally he'll  roll from his tummy to his back. He absolutely loves to move. Whenever I lay him down on his back his lifts his legs up and down which either turns him in a circle or scoots him downward. 

I originally put him on the play mat with his feet where his head is and he just wiggled himself around in a circle.

He has also learned the inch worm! I have a super cute video of him inch worming along, but for some reason blogger won't let me upload it. So a picture will have to do.

I promise we didn't just lay him down like this, he got himself in that position on his own! He pulls his knees up under himself and then pushes himself forward, but then his arms stay in the same place and he just gets stuck and frustrated. I think as soon as he figures out how to lift himself up on his arms he is going to be a crawling machine!

Anything and everything goes right to his mouth these days. He loves sucking on his hand and tries so hard to fit his whole fist in his mouth.

He also loves to look at that adorable baby he sees in the mirror.

He's started to grab a lot more and he loves to grab this little white receiving blanket.

And he has discovered how to play with his toys. Most of them go right to his mouth, but at least he is playing with them!

This last month has been my favorite of all four months of Kyler's short lifetime so far. The first three months as a new mom were pretty tough for me. As any mother could probably confirm, motherhood is a big adjustment. And I was not only trying to adjust to being a new mom, but I was also doing school and Kyle was gone 60-70 hours a week and when he was home he had so much to do for teaching. But in the last month I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of this whole mom thing. I know what works well for both Kyler and I. I've become more confident in who I am as a mother and I feel less overwhelmed by all the demands that come with being a mom. This next semester I am going back to school full time and I'm sure that will bring a whole other wave of struggles and adjustments, but for right now I am loving where I am at with my small, sweet family.