Monday, July 23, 2012

We have a graduate!

Well, folks, the day FINALLY came that Kyle graduated!! I feel like we have been in school for foreverrrrr, but really the end did come eventually, kind of. He still has to do student teaching next semester, but other than that he is a college graduate! I am so incredibly proud of him. He has worked so hard over the years. It was hard [for both of us!] sometimes and he definitely wanted to give up sometimes, but I'm glad he worked through all of the homework, tests, busy work, projects, late nights, early mornings, and all the other things he needed to do in order to finish school. 

 His mom and dad came up for graduation. They are so proud of him too. He is the second one of his siblings to finish college! It was fun to get to spend some time with them.

My mom and grandma also came for his graduation. 

The Hinckley Building is where all of Kyle's classes were.

I am SO happy that school is done. I figured out that in the last 16 months I've only had about 9 weeks off of school! It feels so nice not having any homework to worry about, but I think I might go crazy with nothing to do! Today we had lots of errands to run which kept me busy, but what am I going to do with myself the rest of the time before baby comes? I think I'll have to visit the library and find some good books to read in order to occupy my time. Any good book suggestions?

No official belly picture this week, but you can see from the graduation pictures that this little dude is growing. He still loves to sit as high as physically possible, leaving me with minimal lung expansion room sometimes. My ankles are still swelling. Now that school is over I don't have much to do, so I'm staying off my feet more which has helped a little with the swelling. We reached official 35 weeks this weekend. I can't believe only 5 more weeks until we officially become a family of three. I was telling Kyle it's crazy that its been just me and him for two and a half years and now there will be a third small human being that joins us. This baby boy is going to change our lives in SO many ways!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Early arrival?

33 weeks and 4 days!

Seriously, the weeks are flying by! Finals week is next week and then Kyle graduates!! Can I get a "woo! woo!"? I think that being so busy with school and work have been a large reason as to why the weeks have been flying by. I'm worried that once school is out, I'm done with work, and I'll only be getting bigger that the last 5 weeks are going to go by a bit slower than the others. Or maybe they'll go faster since I'm slightly a little scared of the day this baby has to leave my body! 

A few more weeks means a few more fabulous pregnancy symptoms. I'm starting to feel BIG! It takes quite the effort to get off the couch and I'm not even going to get started on getting out of bed. I wake up every night without fail between 2 and 3 and have to get up to go to the bathroom. My husband will attest that I love my sleep, so waking up every night just to go to the bathroom always leaves me feeling a little annoyed. Lately this little dude has decided that my belly is currently not providing him with suitable living accomodations and he has decided he also needs my rib cage too! He sits SO high some days. I try to push him down and he pops right back up. Sometimes I have to arch my back just so that my lungs have enough room for me to breathe! Some days I have killer acid reflux disease! I feel like I've swallowed icy hot and it is miserable. And most recently I seem to have lost my ankles! Seriously, check out these cankles!

This day I was on my feet all day and you can see the indent that my sandles left on my sausage feet. Since I didn't have a chance to get off my feet both sides are pretty bad, but most days just my right foot and ankle swells and my left one looks fine. The contrast between the two looks so funny! I asked the doctor about asymetrical swelling and he said it just means the baby likes to sit on my right side more than my left. Being on my feet all day combined with the heat is not helpful when it comes to the swelling. I always tell Kyle that you're supposed to have cute feet in the summertime, and these cankles are definitely not an attractive summertime physical feature!

But besides all of those lovely symptoms, I am still feeling pretty good! I had a doctors appointment yesterday and either this little boy is going to be one big baby or he will be a week early. I guess I have been measuring about a week ahead most of my pregnancy. The doctor said that at this rate, if the baby stays in until my due date he will be at least 8 pounds!!!! Orrr he could come about a week early. Can you guess what my vote is for? So I decided he is going to come a week and one day early. Kyle has orientation for student teaching on the 16th and then starts student teaching on the 20th. So I decided the best plan is for Kyler to come on the 17th (the day before Kyle's birthday) so that I can come home on the 19th and Kyle can start student teaching on the 20th without worrying about me going into labor. Sounds like the perfect plan to me! So since I've already mentally changed my due date to the 17th, I will probably be super bummed when I see that day come and go with not baby debut. But I have high hopes and I would really appreciate it if everyone sent good baby vibes for the 17th! So here's hoping for an early arrival of our little dude and no more swelling for my poor feet!