Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hello 30's

30 weeks!
I can't believe we have made it to the 30's already! I know I've said this a million times already, but holy cow, time is going by SO fast. August still feels forever far away but so stinkin' close at the same time. 10 weeks. That's all we have left. We can count the weeks on our fingers. We couldn't be more excited (and nervous) for the new change our lives are going to have in just 10 short weeks. 
Up until this point I would hardly remember I had a big belly when I was doing things. I wouldn't even think twice about it when getting up off the couch, putting on my socks, or moving over the laundry. But this last week I've really become aware of its presence! I think the baby ate my abs, because getting up off the couch requires some premeditated thought now. I kind of have to contort my leg funky in order to get my socks on, and bending over to do things like unload the bottom rack of the dish washer or move the laundry from the washer up to the dryer is a little more difficult now. 
I guess I'm still relatively tiny for how far I am though because every time someone asks how far I am and I tell them, they ALWAYS say "Wow! You're still so tiny!" EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I'm measuring right on track at the doctors office, but I guess my long torso helps give baby (and my organs) a little extra room than most girls. 
Other than getting bigger and less nimble, everything is still going great! 

A couple weeks ago Kyle's brother and sister-in-law, Josh and Kate, came to visit us for the weekend. We had so much fun with them. 

We went to Yellowstone on Saturday with them and Janae and Reggie.
Most exciting part of the day? Running in to this guy on the road! 

He was walking right down the middle of the road. It was like he was trained to follow the yellow line. He would meander back and forth between both sides of the road so I wasn't sure which side to pass him on. Finally it looked like we had a chance to pass him on the right, but every time we started to pass him, he would swing his head over to the right and start walking that way. It was pretty intense passing him, I thought for sure he was going to smash his GINORMOUS head into the car. Finally we passed him and just to give you a better idea of how close we were to him, check out the picture Kyle got as we passed.

We pulled into the Old Faithful parking lot just after it went off, so we had an hour and a half to kill before it's next predicted time to go off. There is a kids discovery room in the visitors center and they had this activity that you could do to become a "Junior Ranger". Well Kyle thought it would be fun to do, so he, Josh,  and Reggie spent the next 90 minutes rushing to complete the "workbook" to get their badges. It was hilarious how set they were on becoming "Junior Rangers".

They passed and are now official "junior rangers"!

And of course, the weekend wouldn't be complete without a trip to the sand dunes. We had so much fun with Josh and Kate even though it was a short trip. We love spending time with them, so hopefully next summer we will move to Colorado and we can see them more often. 

After Josh and Kate left, Kyle's mom and Jonah and Jessica came to visit for a few days while Jentry and Jannea were at EFY. We went to Bear World with them one day. Kyle has been begging me to go to Bear World with him, so he was just as excited as Jonah was to go.  

I fed a deer. Check that off the bucket list. And then we got to go up in this big truck and throw food down to the bears. It was really fun to see all the bears come up to the truck looking for the food they knew we had. 

We had lots of fun with all of Kyle's family while they were here. We cant wait until Thanksgiving when we can spend a little more time than just a few days with everyone. 

Other than all that exciting stuff, we are just chugging along through school. We only have five more weeks of school and then Kyle graduates!!!! WOOO WOOO!!