Friday, January 17, 2014

Let the Countdown Begin

I can't believe its been almost five months since I blogged! I thought after I was done with school I'd have a lot more time to blog. Turns out I also have a lot less to blog about! Being a stay at home mom sure has been a change of pace from being a mom and a student. Although I don't miss having to leave Kyler, I definitely miss being a busy student! 

Kyler has gotten SO big! The last few months have been so much fun with him. I think 10 to 16 months has by far been my favorite! He learned how to walk two weeks before his first birthday and has been a busy mover ever since! He is learning so much and it's been so fun to see him learn and grow. He doesn't say many words (mama, dada, no, "ba" for ball, and "ga" for go) but he babbles all the time! I love to watch him explore and figure out how things work. He especially loves balls and mickey mouse clubhouse. He loves to dance to any song on the TV and clap whenever anyone else claps. He loves the song "If you're happy and you know it" and once you start singing it, you better be prepared to do so over and over again about 20 times! He seriously is so cute. We have, however, started to get a taste of what's coming with the "terrible twos" the last few weeks and I am not a fan! He has become so opinionated, which isn't a bad thing, but he can't communicate what exactly it is that he wants and it can be SO frustrating for both of us! He also has begun throwing little (sometimes BIG) tantrums when I tell him no to something. He's a big fan of hitting and throwing any object near him when he's mad. Kyle and I are trying our best at finding the best way to discipline him, but we are flying blind since he's our guinea pig child. It's making me nervous since he's just starting to get into this oh-so-fun stage right before the new baby comes!

[please enjoy a blog post intermission by viewing this photo dump of our adorable Kyler boy!]

Speaking of new baby, only THREE more weeks (at most!) until baby boy #2 joins our family!! I can't even believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by. I thought for sure since I wouldn't be as busy with school and work that it would go by slower, but keeping up with Kyler boy has kept me so busy that the last 8 months have gone by so quickly!! I am so beyond nervous and excited and anxious (and every other emotion you could think of!) for him to come. I know this time around that the newborn stage eventually ends. We'll eventually sleep through the night again and we'll find a new normal, but I am just so nervous for the first few weeks...months...year. I have no idea how Kyler is going to react to having a new little dude around, but I am pretty sure he's not going to be too big a fan of me having to share my attention with someone else. Kyler has always been a pretty needy boy and even though he's become much more independent as he's gotten older, he still LOVES his momma and having her full and complete attention. I think it's probably going to be a pretty rough adjustment for the poor kid. I'm trying my best to enjoy the last few weeks we have together just the two of us, but I'm also just ready to start dealing with the chaos of having two kids under two so that we can move on to finding a new normal again. I don't know how it will all work out, and I'm preparing myself to have a pretty rough 2014, but I am excited for our family to grow and meet this new sweet spirit who will help teach me so much! 

Kyle is LOVING his job as a third grade teacher. He always comes home with some pretty great stories. It sure does keep him busy, but he loves it and is such a great teacher. The first few months of Kyle's new school year were nice for Kyler and I because the school he teaches at is just a few blocks away from our house. It's a quick 10 minute walk so Kyle could drive to work in the morning and then when Kyler and I were up and moving we could go on a walk to get the car and have the car for the day. We also spent a lot of time at the park and Kyler loved exploring the playground! But now it is WAY to cold and snowy for us to go outside most days, so cabin fever kicks in pretty fast. Kyler and I are always dying to go out and do something in the evenings after Kyle gets home. I can't wait until the sunshine and warm(er) temperatures come back, but by then we'll have another little baby, which will make simple outings a difficult task on my own! 

As for me, I'm not sure I'm ready to be the mom of two, but I am definitely ready to not be pregnant anymore! Sleeping has become difficult, the baby has expanded his living quarters into my rib cage and chosen to learn karate in the womb, and my available wardrobe options are quickly dwindling. I am, however, feeling better than I was last time around at this point. My ankles are a little bit swollen by the end of the day, but nothing like they were when I was pregnant with Kyler! My blood pressure has stayed down so far which is a major plus since I do NOT want the complications I had with Kyler again. We've got our fingers crossed that I can do a VBAC and not have to have another C-section, but it all depends on what happens the next few weeks. Since I had a C-section with Kyler I can't be induced so I have to go into labor on my own. They also won't let me go much longer than 40 weeks so I'll have to show some decent signs of labor, or progressing towards it, by the 3rd or else the VBAC idea goes out the window. But as for right now the doctor said he is very happy with how things look and has no concerns at this point. I do have to go in twice a week from now until the baby is born to do a non-stress test and an ultrasound to make sure all stays well with the baby. They are watching everything super close for signs of preeclampsia, but so far all is well and fingers crossed it stays that way!