Thursday, June 3, 2010

its a busy life!

Kyle and I have had a few busy weekends! I've been meaning to write about all of our adventures but schools been keeping me too busy, so here are the highlights!

Horseback Riding

Kyle decided to face his fear of horses and signed us up to go horseback riding with the school! It was freezing and kyle's first horse was so lazy they had to switch him, but it was lots of fun! Kyle has decided when we are rich, we are going to get horses!


Kyle's brother, Kory, came home from his mission and we flew to Colorado for the homecoming. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed because of bad weather and we missed the big "WELCOME HOME!" and kory instead had to wait for US to fly in! But we had lots of fun having ALL of the Johnson all together for the exciting event! Kyle's older brother Jordon took a book called missionary reminders with him on his mission. He made his own notes along with the 500 missionary tips and then gave Kyle to book for his mission. Kyle did the same and then gave it to Kory to do the same and in 15 years Jonah will have lots of advice! We had a fun time reading over the notes and laughing at what all the boys had to say. We had a really fun weekend!

The next weekend we headed back down to Utah for my grandma's 80th birthday. We made our own makeshift four-square court and played in the sun and my sister brielle finally got to share the exciting news with my parents that her and jared are expecting a baby in December! Again we had lots of fun and had a hard time going back to school.

This morning Kyle and I went to watch the runners come in from the Teton Dam Races. It was fun and mob mentality quickly inspired Kyle and I to run in the races next year. Kyle thought maybe he could do a full marathon and I was feeling really inspired and said I could run the half marathon! It would be cool for me to say I ran a half marathon and I know Kyle could do a full, but we'll see how long this inspired running high lasts!