Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Best thing about the future...

is that it only comes one day at a time!!

I feel like whenever I think I've got the future figured out, I change my mind and go back to square one. I think I've returned to this square at least 71 times since the start of the semester.

The current mindset: apply for the nursing program
The new current mindset: dont apply for the nursing program
The newest current mindset: apply for the nursing program
you get the point. Im ridiculous sometimes, I know!

So Im not sure what lies in the future for Kyle and I, but I know it will only come one day at time for us to handle. Thank goodness it works that way!!
In the meantime while we try to figure out what to do with each day we have, we have been chugging along with school. My focus seems to be no where near Rexburg and Kyle is stressed to the max with his math class. We both are looking forward to Thanksgiving break already!! :)

We celebrated our 6 month anniversary this weekend. (cheesy, i know!) I feel like we've just always been married, but also like our wedding was just last week!! it sure has gone by fast and we have loved it all! :)

6 months down, forever to come!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

blessings of our lives

Kyle and I have had some pretty amazing experiences over the last week or so. We got to go down to Utah over labor day weekend because my aunt and uncle adopted the cutest little boy about 14 months ago and now that the adoption has been finalized, they were able to have him sealed to them in the temple. We were able to attend the sealing and it was such a neat experience for both kyle and i. That was the only other sealing we'd been to other than ours, and it's a rare occasion to go to a live sealing of a child to parents. It was such a beautiful ceremony and was such an incredible reminder to me of the amazing blessing that we have to be sealed to our families for all eternity. What a great blessing to know that our families live together beyond this life. I never want to imagine my life with out kyle and im so happy that i never have to because we were sealed for all eternity! we get to spend FOREVER with each other! :) While we were in Utah we also got to visit Temple Square.
Another one of the great blessings we've seen in our lives is tithing blessings. I had an issue with my W-2 form and i wasnt able to file my taxes until august (yes, they are due in april!) Because of it, i couldnt turn in the tax paper work required for financial aide through pell grants or a scholarship. In the meantime, kyle and i slacked a litle bit in our regularity of paying tithing. (dont judge, it happens!) We would forget to bring it with us to church or forget it was even fast sunday. But we finally got our act together and did what we knew was right. Well not to long after, we both got online to find out that both kyle and i were given a generous amount of financial aide through grants and scholarships! It's been an incredible blessing to have help paying for school and such a reminder to us that we cant afford NOT to pay tighting, because the blessings come back to us ten-fold! :)
Kyle and i took a day trip to Yellowstone last week. I went when i was little so we decided to go again. It was pretty chilly, but lots of fun to see Old Faithful and to see all of the animals. We also went to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center which Kyle loved! We got to watch them feed the bears and the wolves! It was a fun day.

school is about to start up again so we both will be busy busy busy! Another a semester ahead of us! Bring it on!