Friday, August 27, 2010

look out TLC...

a new show is on its way! no, were not having 6 kids at once or having any medical breakthrough surgery, we are honing in on our betty crocker baking skills! it all started with the sugar cookies and last night we tried fondant icing. although it didnt taste all that delicious, our decorating skills are giving carlo's bakery a run for their money. ok, probably not, but we had lots of fun playing with the edible (although only kyle found it yummy) playdough.
our creationsall of the cupcakes we made! We made a golfer, a snowman, a frog and birds, my specialty was the bows!

Kyle's birds. i think the red one looks like the red robin but as a baby!

What can we say, Rexburg is a little dead right now and with no school to keep us busy, we're finding our own entertainment!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

T.I.W.M.C.T.K #1

Ok, so i may have stolen this idea from someone elses blog. But since this is my only sad excuse for a journal, i think ill share for my future posterity the things i want my children to know. I was trying to fall asleep last night and part of my mother kicked in and my brain wouldnt shut off. i dont remember what mental track brought me to this memory, but i decided i wanted to share it with my children some day, so that they can learn from my mistakes. I had a friend one time who told me all of these things she'd done that she and I both knew were wrong. I remember that i was too worried about keeping our friendship that instead of telling her taht what she was doing was wrong, i just ignored it. What kept me tossing and turning all night was that she knew what she was doing was wrong and she knew i wouldnt approve of it, but i didnt do anything about it. and i feel like now that she needed me to tell her to straighten up. she needed me to address it with a matter of importance in order for her to know that i cared about what she did. and she needed someone to stand up for what was right when she hadnt done so herself. So future children of mine, dont ever hesitate to stand up for what you know is right. I wasnt by any means encouraging her to continue what she was doing, but by not speaking up about it, i was doing nothing to help her and nothing to stand up for what i knew was right. I want my future children to know who they are and what they believe in, but more importantly i want them to have the confidence to share that with others so that they can stand up for what is right when noone else is. got that kids?!
I think ill just put in my request for perfect children.

Monday, August 23, 2010

you can never have to much sugar in sugar cookies!

While walking aimlessly through the grocery store aisles (never a good idea!) i had the sudden urge to achieve the epitomy of my mothers baking skills and attempt to make her delicious sugar cookies (no easy feat i assure you!) but with a little bit of extra sugar and making a riskinator move by adding more sour cream soley because i thought something was "missing", i have to boast a little and say i didnt do all that badly! in fact, the only thing missing to make give them ultimate perfection is the "mom touch" which i assume only comes after years of perfecting the sugar cookie science! I even made homemade frosting and colored some different colors so kyle and i could decorate them. We had tons of fun using our cute cookie cutters that we got for our wedding.

For the last bit of dough thats not quite enough to roll out and cut, kyle and i sculpted our own shapes. I made a femur bone! :)

We only have a couple of weeks left before school starts up again I'm enjoying the no schedule life, but kyle is starting to get a little stir crazy! We had such a fun time on a vacation with my family to flaming gorge, spending a week on a house boat with no plans but to soak up the sun and have fun boating. I learned how to kneeboard and took one for the team when i was the first to try a 20 ft rope swing, only to find the results were a very painful backflop. (what can i say, i was born with lack of fear and grace!) Kyle faced his fears and jumped off the top of the house boat and even learned to dive! We all were very impressed!

One night we went off the slide late at night! It was such a fun week!