Saturday, August 24, 2013

hello again

Wow, it sure has been a while since I posted on here! SO much has happened since April.
Here's a quick recap on what's happened over our summer:

I ran my first 5k. I ran the Teton Dam 5k in June and am so glad I did. It was nice to be in a regular running habit. Next year I'm going to try to run the 10k.

Kyler learned to crawl AND walk. He now walks around like he owns the place and we couldn't imagine him being any cuter!

Kyler is finally cutting his teeth. Around 10 months his two front top and bottom teeth showed up just under his gums, but by his first birthday they still hadn't cut through. This last week we noticed one of his top and one of his bottom teeth have finally cut through. It will be nice once he finally has some teeth to chew up some food.

Stacey moved in with us. She was going a little stir crazy at home after graduation and since she wasn't finding a job anywhere in Colorado, she decided to move up to Rexburg early and look for a job here. We converted our formal dining room into a third bedroom with some sheets for a wall and door and she landed a job at Kiwi Loco, thanks to some great connections there!

Kyle finished his time as manager at Kiwi Loco. We are so grateful for the blessing and opportunity that Kiwi was for our family, but we were SO glad when Kyle's last day came. Before he was done he was in charge of putting together the float for the the Rexburg 4th of July Parade and we all were in the parade.

Kyle got a teaching job. After submitting dozens of applications and a handful of interviews, Kyle was offered a 3rd grade position at Kennedy Elementary here in Rexburg. Never thought we'd be locals in Rexburg after we finished school but it looks like we'll be here for at least another few years. He is so excited for this job. We've been busy getting his classroom all set up and ready for the students who come on Wednesday!

We went to the Allred family reunion in Heber, Utah. We had lots of fun jet skiing on the lake, visiting park city, playing at cherry hill water park and spending lots of time with our family.

We found out we're expecting baby number 2 who is due February 3rd. Kyler and this baby will be just under 18 months and although the thought just about makes me hyperventilate most days, we are excited that our family is growing.

Kyler turned one. We survived a whole year with him and we can't even imagine our lives without him. We had a small party with a few friends and family. He absolutely loved his smash cake and we had fun celebrating both his and Kyle's birthday.

I graduated college. I absolutely loved my internship working with the elderly, but I was very excited when graduation day came! Even with getting married and having a baby I still graduated right on schedule AND graduated magna cum laude! I was pretty excited about that one. I couldn't have done it with out the help and support of my wonderful hubby.

It's been a very fun and busy summer for us and we have had so much fun. Now we jump into the new adventure of Kyle's first year teaching. Hopefully now that I don't have school anymore I'll be able to stay up on this blog, although I think the exciting events will slow down a little in our lives.