Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Sleeping Miracle

Check out this handsome fellow.

I know, I know. This picture is a liiiittle bit late considering he will be 6 months tomorrow!! (Seriously can't believe it!) But we've been a little busy around here. We moved into our new apartment just a few days before we went to Colorado for Christmas (which we had such a fun Christmas break!). I went back to school for my LAST full time semester!! If I wasn't a mom, this semester would probably actually be pretty easy. But alas, being a full time mom and a full time student is difficult, no matter how easy the semester is. With the way my classes are scheduled Kyle can only work night shifts on Tuesdays and Thursdays so in between my morning class and afternoon class on those days I bust out as much homework as I possibly can so that when I am home, I can be the best mommy possible. Occasionally I have to do one or two assignments at home, but I can usually get a lot done on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I was telling Kyle that I should have done this my entire college career because it is SO nice to not always be worrying about homework when I am home. I also only have one class on Friday mornings which ends at 8:45, so I basically have a 3 day weekend every week...which is pretty awesome! I miss my boys when I am gone, but it has been so good for Kyle and Kyler to spend some time together. Kyle has been such a great help as I finish up school!  

As for this little guy, he is getting SO big and SO much fun! He is sitting up by himself really well. The only problem is he wants to move so bad that when he's sitting he'll sometimes try to reach for something to far and tip over. He is so wiggly and always wants to move around. He wants to crawl so bad, but every time we put him on his tummy he just rolls right over to his back. Silly kid. 

He is loving rice cereal and we just started giving him green beans....mmmm! He still isn't sure if he likes them or not, but he'll usually eat a few bites. Since he is such a wiggler, by the end of a meal there is usually rice cereal and green beans all over his face, arms, legs, the table, his bumbo, and me! 

Remember when I mentioned something on this blog about how Kyler was a pretty decent sleeper? I must have jinxed us because for the last 3 months or so he has been an AWFUL sleeper! It started just before Thanksgiving break. I think he had a growth spurt so he woke up more at night. Then we traveled for Thanksgiving which threw everything off. I thought when we got home things would get back to normal, but  then we got home and he got a cold that lasted for about 3 weeks. Then we moved, traveled again for Christmas, and then I started school. All the while he got worse and worse at sleeping. I figured maybe once things settled down and we got into a routine with me going back to school it would get better but over the last 3 weeks or so it got miserable! At the beginning of this week we had two nights in a row where he only slept in his car seat and swing for an hour or two at a time. Kyle and I were exhausted, frustrated, and dying to figure out what we could do. 

We've been pretty against the cry it out method thanks to my many classes talking about how that leaves a baby feeling abandoned and yada yada yada. So Kyler has been pretty darn spoiled because of my fears of him turning into a juvy junky if I let him cry for too long. Not to mention that I've heard horror stories of babies crying for 3 or 4 hours before finally falling asleep. But after two nights of BEYOND MISERY I was willing to try just about anything! So we decided we would give him 30 minutes to cry in his bed before we went to go get him. I was worried he would cry for hours, but after 25 minutes he fell asleep! And then he only woke up twice that night to eat!! Last night he only cried for about 10 minutes then only woke up around 4:30 to eat and went back to sleep until 8!!!! ANNNND he just woke up from a TWO HOUR nap in which there was ZERO crying involved!! PEOPLE!!! THIS IS A MIRACLE!!!! 

I've always loved him when he wasn't sleeping, but he really is so much cuter when both he and I get some good sleep!!