Thursday, August 9, 2012

Family Fun

I guess I better write this post now or it may never get written! Baby is due in only TWO weeks!!! Although I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that he comes in one week, I'm not sure I will be so lucky. The doctor has decided I'm right on track for my due date....meh. I am SO done being pregnant. This body just simply isn't big enough for the two of us any more. He still sits so incredibly high sometimes that its hard to breathe. And I thought turning over in bed was difficult a few weeks ago...mission impossible now. I feel like each night I spend even less time sleeping and more time trying to get comfortable than the night before. And that cute swelling in my ankles I mentioned last time, lets just say its reached a hysterical point. My feet and ankles swell SO bad. They used to only be swollen by the end of the day and looked better in the morning, but now all I have to do is get out of bed and they are huge. And the swelling has gotten worse in my hands and face. I feel like I'm blowing up like a balloon! And to top it off, all the fluid retention has only added to those wonderful pounds I've been packing on the last nine months. 

(I hesitate to post a picture, because I don't care to ever remember what I look like nine months pregnant. Don't judge.)

Despite the ever growing discomfort of being ready to pop and not being able to do simple things like bend over to pick something up or breathe or fit into my clothes, I have enjoyed being pregnant and am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to carry this sweet baby boy with me for nine months. I know that the gift of being pregnant is special and I'm grateful to have had it as easy as I had.  

Although my due date seems forever away still, we've had a couple of busy days the last two weeks which have helped pass the time. Last week we had an Allred family reunion. My family stayed in a cabin in Island Park which is about an hour from our house. Last Tuesday we first all met up at Lava Hot Springs. Even though I couldn't jump off the platforms or go down the slides we still had a lot of fun watching everyone else brave the high platforms. Unfortunately the day was cut short because a storm came in and they made us get out of the pool due to lightening. So we packed up and headed up to our place for dinner. After only a few minutes in the car, Parker (who missed his afternoon nap due to the fun) was fast asleep and remained that way until we were almost home. 

Parker loved seeing grandma again and grandma loved having Parker time again.

Parker all tuckered out. 

The next day the boys all went four wheeling at the sand dunes. I would have loved to go, but you can't do anything fun like that when your nine months pregnant. So instead me, Brielle, Stacey, and my cousin Robin went to get pedicures! Painting your toenails is definitely on the list of impossible tasks when you're super pregnant, so it was nice to let someone else paint my toes - and my poor swollen feet sure enjoyed the TLC.  

The next day Kyle and I drove up to the cabin (we stayed at our place since it was close enough to the cabin and we could stay in our own bed) and we all went out boating on the lake for the day. We had so much fun playing on the lake. I couldn't go out on a wild tube ride, but I did get to go on a slow tube ride! And Kyle even let me go out on the jet ski! We didn't go too crazy of course, but it was still a lot of fun. Here are a lot of pictures from the day.

Sheri, Grandma and mom sitting on the beach.

Grandma thought she would show off her old "two piece" bathing suit! 

 Parker couldn't figure out what the heck was going on when they put the life jacket on him.

Brielle, Jared and Parker going for a ride on the jet ski. Parker was still confused about the life jacket.

Parker was very content to throw rocks into the water from the beach. He would throw the rocks just a few inches into the water and then pick them back up and throw them out of the water. He spent a good 20 minutes throwing them in and out of the water. 

Kyler's first ride on a jet ski! I was hoping the bumps would help get him here faster, but Kyle made sure we didn't hit too many big bumps. 

Check out this belly! It's massive.

Sitting on the beach. 

We had so much fun with my family. We definitely have a good time whenever we all get together. 
This week we've been busy trying to help Brielle and Jared move. They are moving to Moscow, Idaho for graduate school and we are so bummed to see them go. For as long as I've been in Rexburg Brielle has been here. It has been so fun to live close to them. I wasn't much help with packing and cleaning their apartment, but I tried to help keep busy Parker entertained and content while mom and dad were busy packing. Poor kid is probably so confused about what is going on! Thanks to Thomas the Tank Engine and Barney, we made it through the week. They are all packed up and leaving town early tomorrow morning. We sure are going to miss having them close by. We are definitely going to miss being the favorite aunt and uncle to Parker. It's been so fun to see him grow from a tiny newborn into a wild and crazy 18 month old. We will definitely miss them.